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OOTD Diaries – Peplums. I’m Cutting New Shapes.

Todays OOTD. In case you didn’t know, I’m an inverted triangle. Yep, you heard me right, I’m top heavy and skinny legged. What’s your body shape? Being an inverted triangle can be a little tricky to dress to say the least. Dresses are a freakin’ nightmare, bikinis and anything that fasten at the front (from blazers to shirts) are generally off-limits, because you know as a general rule of thumb if they fit around the bust, you’re gonna look like a sack of spuds everywhere else!

Knowing your body shape is vital. If you want to make the best of what your mama gave you, then you need to know what’s going to suit your shape.

Big boobs may be a blessing for some, and for others what they dream of, but just like everything they can present their own set of sartorial dilemmas. Like buttons that gape when fastened, and finding an entire outfit that strikes a balance of bodily proportion. That’s why I’ve been cutting some new shapes recently, and not just on the dancefloor 😉 Ever since I discovered that peplums definitely are a big boobed girls best friend I just can’t get enough of em!

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You see, peplums provide you with a perfectly proportioned silhouette. They accentuate the waist and create a fluid shape that runs through the entire body line creating a magical lineation. Seriously, peplums are an extraordinary wardrobe staple. Like the eighth wonder of the world if you will. This one from ZARA is my fav. It’s a beautiful shape and a dreamy colour. I could seriously get lost in its lilac hue. And what’s more it pairs beautifully with a vast array of things. I’ve teamed it with some cropped print trousers and cuban block heeled sandals to complete todays outfit.

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Outfit Deets:

Top: ZARA Peplum T-shirt

Bottoms: ZARA Cropped Trousers

Shoes: Sam Edelman Yadira Sandals.

Accessories: ASOS Ocassion Filigree Earrings

N.B. (The OOTD DIARIES section is really about everyday snapshots of what I’m wearing along with thoughts of the day. Often taken with the iphone, I’ll detail what I’m wearing and where you can get it! More in depth fashion articles can be found under the My Style section)


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