climbing mount snowdon

Climbing Mount Snowdon

I look back at this picture above and honestly can’t quite believe I’m actually writing a blog post about climbing Mount Snowdon. It brings a great sense of achievement and fascination at what us humans are capable of. What an amazing weekend this was, something I’ll treasure forever.

When I was asked 4 months ago if I would like to join a group of girls to climb Mount Snowdon I jumped at the prospect. I’ve made a promise to myself that opportunities are not to be turned down and incredible things can happen when you just resist the urge to say no.

I can tell you right off when I arrived at Pen Y Pas in Wales, the outlook was grim… check it!

Pen Y Pas. Climbing Mount Snowdon
© Hey Lolly. 2018.


pyg trail pen y pas mount snowdon
© Hey Lolly. 2018.Pyg Trail at Pen Y Pas. Mount Snowdon

The gloom brought an impending sense of the unknown. What was this climb going to be like? Would we all be able to do it? Would we find it difficult? So as the rain fell we discussed all of these things over a glass or two of vino at the YHA Pen y Pas youth hostel. (For £26 a night, I couldn’t recommend this enough.) Then something so magically beautiful happened and I stepped outside to find the fog had cleared and I was met with this awe inspiring sight.

sunset pen y pas mount snowdon
© Hey Lolly. 2018. Sunset at Pen Y Pas

I hollered for the girls to witness this sunset and we all had a beautiful moment of staring and taking it all in, it still takes my breath away when I look at it now. The thoughts of the next day all of a sudden seemed so much more promising.

As I mentioned we stayed at the Pen Y Pas Youth Hostel. That alone filled me with dread I won’t lie, but I was pleasantly surprised. The hostel has undergone a £1.6million refurb investment and it shows. It’s clean, functional, and the beds weren’t too shabby either however much it felt like I was back on a school residential with 5 other girls in my dorm. We all had a real giggle.

Morning came and I somehow managed 6 hours solid sleep. The breakfast was hearty and the packed lunch for the day was ready and so we began…

mount snowdon pen y pas pyg trail
© Hey Lolly. 2018. Mount Snowdon Squad


© Hey Lolly. 2018. Mountain Sheep at Pen y Pas Mount Snowdon

We settled on taking the Pyg trail to climb Snowdon, it’s graded as a hard mountain walk. I had 4 months to get my hiking legs into gear and it paid off in dividends, I was able to take in the beauty everything the Pyg trail had to offer. The trail started right outside the hostel where we stayed so we were off to a tough start from the get go.

pyg trail

pyg trail pen y pas mount snowdon
© Hey Lolly. 2018. Pyg Trail backdrop.

The Pyg trail is rugged and challenging, there are 5 others to choose from to climb Mount Snowdon, so after 20 minutes in, I’d stripped off 2 layers already and my backpack was starting to get heavy. Had I bitten off more than I could chew? On we went, taking these stunning views in and thanking Mother Nature for gracing us with the sun but cursing myself for putting those ski thermals on!

pyg trail pen y pas mount snowdon
© Hey Lolly. 2018. Pyg Trail. Pen y Pas.

After being head down scaling up the mountain for a good 40 minutes, we turned a corner and my heart skipped a beat. I wasn’t prepared for the view.

mount snowdon pyg trail

I took a good 5 minute break and just remember saying “wow” over and over again.  If you are moderately fit, climbing Mount Snowdon is definitely within your reach and I highly recommend you do it. From what I have researched, the Pyg trail will offer you the best scenery and it is steeped in history.

pyg trail mount snowdon
© Hey Lolly. 2018. Pyg Trail. Mount Snowdon


mount snowdon
© Hey Lolly. 2018

On we pushed, navigating through mountain streams and rocky inclines and the summit seemed so far away. It just wasn’t getting any closer!

climbing mount snowdon
© Hey Lolly. 2018. Climbing Mount Snowdon

I’m three hours in and by this time the incline started to get narrow, windy and extra tough. My quads were are fire, my back was aching but the end was in sight.

pyg trail mount snowdon
© Hey Lolly. 2018. Pyg Trail Mount Snowdon


pyg trail
Pyg Trail. The final stretch

That feeling when you get to the top is euphoric. I feel on top of the world. quite literally. I spent 40 minutes up there and it’s amazing how quickly the weather changed from warm to cold, sunny to fog and back gain. It just cements how high you really are.

© Hey Lolly. 2018 I’m at the freakin’ top! Couldn’t be happier!

We had our packed lunch and giggled over a bottle of fizz to celebrate our achievements.

© Hey Lolly 2018

pyg trail descent

Now wait for it, would you believe me if I told you that going down was far worse than going up? I was not prepared for that at all. Considering I’m afraid of heights (no joke) it did unnerve me a little. The descent took its toll on all of us, having to navigate and concentrate exactly where you are going to place your footing on every single step was tiring. Both physically and mentally. The good news is if you really are knackered there is an option to take a steam train down from the top, however, I’m glad I didn’t and managed to embrace the full Mount Snowdon experience. We freakin’ did it! But now I have got a little taste for hiking in the mountains I’m wondering where to go next!

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N.B. Hiking Outfit:

Cap: North Face 66 Classic

Tracksuit Top & Bottoms: Fusalp

Coat: Nebulus Platinum Davos Jacket

Accessories: Northface Vault Backpack

Shoes: Karrimor Walking Boots

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