• #OOTD Diaries

    OOTD Diaries – Pixel Petals

    Floral dresses for Summer may not be groundbreaking news by definition but there’s definitely something to be said for flower inspired prints that scream I’m “Pixel Perfect” and by that I mean they’re so unbelievably vivid and bright that this ASOS Bandeau Dress fits the bill entirely. Today’s outfit, which…

  • chickpea corn salad

    Chickpea Corn Salad.

    My recipe for Chickpea Corn Salad is fully loaded with fresh ingredients and flavours that pack a punch. It’s brimming with seasonal produce and packed with texture, this is what summertime alfresco dreams are made of. This kind of chickpea corn salad makes for a delectable side dish to fish…

  • climbing mount snowdon

    Climbing Mount Snowdon

    I look back at this picture above and honestly can’t quite believe I’m actually writing a blog post about climbing Mount Snowdon. It brings a great sense of achievement and fascination at what us humans are capable of. What an amazing weekend this was, something I’ll treasure forever. When I…

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    #OOTD Diaries

    OOTD Diaries – Pastel Peaches & Denim

    Todays OOTD. I’m totally embracing this season’s pastel vibes, and I’ve been waiting patiently for the English Summer to get here. I swear, despite my Czech heritage, I was made for warmer climates… and so, even though the weather finally got the memo, 23 degrees can still require some layering!…

  • tomato goat cheese tart

    Roast Tomato Goat Cheese Tart.

    Are you constantly on the go like me? Ditch that store bought, ready made, I can’t be bothered to cook attitude because this recipe for my Roast Tomato Goat Cheese Tart is just about as easy as it gets to make. TBH, you don’t even have to have an amazing…

  • #OOTD Diaries

    OOTD Diaries – Back to Black.

    Todays OOTD. It’s grey and miserable and I’m begging for the sun to come out… that’s wishful thinking, so I’m channeling my inner sporty vibe today since floaty florals are out! Seriously, when is Summer going to get here? I’m loving this new Fred Perry Amy Winehouse collection, the chequerboard…