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My Secret PINKO Passion

Between me and you, I’ve got a little PINKO obsession and I’m so excited to share it with you. I don’t know about you, but is there anything better than shopping for the new season? Wardrobe updates will always make my heart beat a little faster!


HEY Lolly Pinko Style Fashion
© Hey Lolly 2018

I’ve had two very special occasions in the past week which required attire that was a little more edgy but still have the feeling of being feminine. I’ll openly hold my hands up and admit, I really struggle with wearing the same thing more than twice. I don’t know why, but I guess it’s just because I love the feeling of wearing something new. So lots of things go onto my depop account which allows for a little extra shopping!

I’ve been in search for something a little different but not entirely out of my comfort zone. At 34, I’ve realised that there are certain styles and pieces that just don’t work for me and it would be silly to force myself into trends or styles that quite frankly make me look like a car crash. Worse still a 20-something wannabe. *Cringe*

With that in mind, I’ve been getting a tad complacent with shopping at the same places all of the time, and I really wanted to try an alternative to my normal “go-to places” for occasion wear. I recalled watching Barbara Palvin in the PINKO S/S 2018 Campaign which I stumbled across on the net and so I took a little browse. PINKO is not a brand that I have really considered before, but this seasons collection really grabbed my attention. Pastel hues, neutral nuances clashing against neon tones. Colourful, fluid and embellished. All the things I shop for.

There was so much I wanted to buy, but the PINKO Antina micro sable jumpsuit was what really caught my eye, and it didn’t disappoint. The jumpsuit is an absolute dream, with its gauzy puff sheer sleeves and sparkling black and red bodice it oozes rockstar glamour I have a feeling I might just feel a soupçon of special in this. Pinko’s sophisticated yet not totally priced out of reach fashion mean that for a special occasion, it’s totally worth the splurge.

Original and unique pieces are what PINKO can bring to your wardrobe. If you’re looking for something special to wear, they are a serious brand contender to consider. The Spring/Summer 18 collection has beautifully co-ordinated lines with a distinct nod to their firm Italian fashion roots. The new season focuses on embellished waistbands and chic- colour blocking that will be sure to brighten up your wardrobe…and make you feel like one helluva stylish signora.

I paired this outfit with InTheStyle Raelee Black Faux Suede Sock Heel Boots and Jimmy Choo Lockett bag, similar bags can be found here.

Lolly. x



PINKO presents original and unique pieces that are as easy to wear as they are to look at. © Hey Lolly 2018

The gauzy puff sheer sleeves and back emanate demure, whilst the sparkling black and red bodice just complete this outfit to utter perfection. It feels beautiful and it looks incredible. The plunging neckline follows on to flared skirt hot pants. 

© Hey Lolly 2018


© Hey Lolly 2018


Quality fabrics and creative flair shines through in PINKO’s forward looking collections. © Hey Lolly 2018


© Hey Lolly 2018


© Hey Lolly 2018


hey lolly pinko
© Hey Lolly 2018



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