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Crushin’ on Yellow. This season’s IT colour.

Every season has to have an emerging colour trend. This season is yellow, and I have to tell you, I’m crushin’ on yellow. Considering that for years I’d convinced myself that yellow “ain’t my colour”, “doesn’t suit my skin tone” or “I look washed out”, imagine my sheer panic when yellow hit the Spring/Summer headlines. I thought my summer might just be sabotaged.

To be fair, I’d firmly argue that the yellow trend all started with Bey swinging that baseball bat in a fierce Roberto Cavalli marigold number – but perhaps it is only now we are starting to see the full effects of Queen B’s epic wardrobe choice. As per usual she’s always ten steps ahead of the game. But hold up girls, it’s not stopping there, this beautiful shade is infiltrating everything from interior trends to instagram accounts, there’s no escaping the ubiquity of this fresh Summertime shade, so it’s not too late to join the tango tastic party.

Did you know that colours really do have the power to change your mood. It’s true. Yellow is an absolute “joy ray” the vibes it gives off are happy and upbeat, it stimulates mental clarity, so take your pick from zingy lemons, earthy turmerics and rich butters, they all have a beautifully warm feeling about them and I know I feel brighter in my attitude when I wear them. Life’s too short to be dressing for funeral. 

Ice cream pastels are also hot this Summer, so you’ve got plenty of choice to remix your yellow attire with. I’ve chosen some aqua Ted Baker heels and a Whistles matte croc clutch  to match this ASOS DESIGN one shoulder cape pleated midi dress.

If you are not used to wearing vibrant colours, it can be a daunting experience, I know only too well. It’s hard to believe that little over 5 years ago my wardrobe offered a vast array of monochromatic clothing. Every day I would fashion a different grey scale look. And then I discovered the beauty of colour, and that actually it might not be so intimidating after all.

So next time you are shopping online, or taking a browse on the high street, I urge you to step just a little bit out of your comfort zone. You may just discover that you are able to rejuvenate your wardrobe after all.

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