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The Hey Lolly Guide 5 Steps to Self Confidence in Blogging.

I came across this quote the other week whilst I was in the midst of preparing to make my return to the blogging world and no truer quote has been spoken. I have been away from blogging for a number of months due mainly to work commitments and also perhaps, a steady trickle of self doubt running in the back of my mind, which, thankfully has finally suffered a concluding drought.

But what I have learnt during that time is that life has to be be about balance. Maintaining a healthy life balance is not only essential for happiness and well-being; it can be a tremendous boost to your productivity and career or business success as well. Sure the 9-5 is what pays the bills, so that must take a priority, but ask yourself, what makes your soul shine? It’s important to make sure you invest some precious time into doing what makes you truly happy.

For me, being creative is what makes me happy, and my blog allows me to do this through a number of different channels. Being creative means keeping the inspirational fuel source coming. I don’t know what inspires you, but for me, it’s things that are encouraging, positive, aspirational, uplifting, etc… and there are SO many things you have to do to keep organised as a creative entrepreneur, especially since you’re committed to growing your own blog.

You’re not just the photographer, the writer, the editor, the schedule planner, the social media gal, the networker, the PA (to yourself), you also have to be a constant idea churner.

For a little while, I lost my way, worried about what people thought, harbouring thoughts of self doubt and this manifested itself in a severe lack of content through not being organised enough and not believing in myself enough. Indeed, I have a beautiful family who require a lot of my time, and I also work in the family business BUT! the fact is there are no excuses for not getting whatever you need to get done, done.

So with that in mind, I’ve put a few things in place to help me get those ticks on my list and make sure my creative soul gets fed at the same time.

1. Keep a list at all times.

I’ve lost count the amount of times I’ve thought what an awesome idea! Only to find myself staring blankly at my computer screen some 5-6 hours later trying to remember what the hell it was! The notes section on my iphone has become my portable notepad whilst I’m out and about, so I can be sure I’ll never miss a creative opportunity again.

Section your lists. Creative Lists, To Do Lists, Bucket Lists, Timeline Lists, Shopping Lists, Reference Lists, Brainstorming Lists….

The list really is endless! They are like the Holy Grail of creative feed and task management!

2. Focus on one task at a time.

As millenials, and in particular the female kind, we pride ourselves on being able to multi-task. But sometimes, trying to do too much at once can become terribly confusing and messy and quite often the completed project somehow wasn’t how you first envisioned. It’s important to set aside time that you can fully commit to the project in question. So managing your time to do all the other little bits that come hand in hand with blogging is a must.

I make certain times in the day dedicated to different must do’s such as checking e-mail, social media time, planning etc… This way I can be sure that the task in hand gets my undivided attention.

3. Give yourself deadlines.

Setting deadlines for yourself is a crucial part to the creative blogging process. When you work from home as I do also for my 9-5 job, it’s easy to get distracted with menial tasks, again it’s about managing your time effectively. For me, getting up 2-3 times a week at 5am when the house is completely quiet gives me time to work on projects in complete silence. My brain is often much more effective at this time too. Fuelled with coffee, there’s no end to my creativity! Ain’t no better feeling than knowing you’ve wrapped up a project by 6:30am!

4. Don’t compare yourself, and don’t expect perfection all of the time!

Your blog is what makes you, you! Living in a world of cut throat social media, it’s easy to get distracted with the beautiful, curated insta feeds of other creatives, and in turn constantly comparing yourself and your creative worth. Stop it! It’s soul destroying! 1) It’s achieving nothing. Your time is better spent elsewhere and 2) it kills your gratitude.

Being creative isn’t about being perfect; it’s about following your heart and being inspired by your own vision. Creativity is about taking chances, pushing the personal boundaries and being okay with making mistakes along the way. Creativity can’t be done perfectly; but it can be done with heart and soul – and there is tremendous value in that.

5. Always believe in yourself and your abilities!

Self empowerment and self confidence combined will let you face any challenges or problems head on.

And those who haven’t got it, those harbouring negative self belief, probably let many things go by undone and also let it consume them. How many things have you let slip by because you lacked belief or doubted yourself? We’ve all been there.
But, if you want more, you need to stop telling yourself that you can’t, or don’t deserve it, or someone else is better at it, because self confidence gives you the freedom to make mistakes and grow from them. Self confidence lets you cease new opportunities and grow with them. Self confidence assists you in being the best creative version you can possibly be. Self confidence really is a super power! It’s a very influential life tool that is the very foundation of your belief that anything you put your mind to is possible!

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