• healthy-breakfast-ideas

    Healthy Breakfast Ideas. A 7 Day Inspiration Guide.

    Hey! How did those first few days of January go by for you? No doubt you’ve been on the health kick wagon just like me, armed with good intentions and enough resolutions to go into a battle with? I hope your January journey is going well.   My resolution, like so many others this year is to continue to get into the best shape I have been in for a long time, and that all starts firstly with a positive mindset followed closely by diet and finally exercise. What better way to start your day than with a healthy breakfast option that’s going to set you up for the day…

  • cauliflower and chestnut soup christmas hey lolly

    Cauliflower and Chestnut Soup.

      Soup season has officially arrived, and I don’t know about you, but the nights drawing in coupled with my crisp breath in the frosty air, there is nothing more welcome than a warming bowl of soup when I get home at the end of the day. Soup is one of those wondrous things, that gives you the ability to produce something out of almost anything that’s left in your fridge. This happened to me last week, after the Christmas rush and mad panic of trying to get everything done before my boys break up from school left me with little time to shop for the groceries. Frugality inspires me……

  • Vegetarian

    Insalata Siciliana

    When the weather gets warmer, the last thing I want to do is sit down to a hot meal, let alone drag myself into the kitchen to cook. No, these things should be saved and relished for the Winter months. Summer weather calls for all things alfresco, and I can’t get enough of this Insalata Siciliana. Simply put, it’s a Sicilian Salad at its finest. I was recently gifted the most exquisite cookbook by my husband. How bizarre I thought, upon receiving it, that Italy’s most illustrious fashion family have launched a cookbook?! I had no idea they were such big foodies as well as fashionistas. Talents know no bounds…

  • chickpea corn salad

    Chickpea Corn Salad.

    My recipe for Chickpea Corn Salad is fully loaded with fresh ingredients and flavours that pack a punch. It’s brimming with seasonal produce and packed with texture, this is what summertime alfresco dreams are made of. This kind of chickpea corn salad makes for a delectable side dish to fish such as poached salmon as shown here. Or, if you are actively vegan or vegetarian then you can enjoy this salad entirely by itself, nothing else is required, apart from perhaps some crusty bread to mop up the delectable infused spiced oil from the bottom of the dish. Summertime dining for me should be about minimal effort with maximum delivery,…

  • tomato goat cheese tart

    Roast Tomato Goat Cheese Tart.

    Are you constantly on the go like me? Ditch that store bought, ready made, I can’t be bothered to cook attitude because this recipe for my Roast Tomato Goat Cheese Tart is just about as easy as it gets to make. TBH, you don’t even have to have an amazing set of cooking skills in order to achieve this high end “I spent hours slaving away” recipe. Yes, really, it’s that simple. If you’re going to invest some time in your kitchen cooking something, then make it count. I’m a real devotee of BIG, bold flavours. No matter how simple what I’m cooking is, I want something that’s going to…

  • Vegetarian Couscous Stuffed Peppers

    Vegetarian Couscous Stuffed Peppers

    So you think life’s too short to stuff a pepper? Think again my friend! These vegetarian couscous stuffed peppers are quite possibly one of the easiest dishes to prepare and make. What’s more, make a sufficient amount of stuffed peppers ahead of the game and you’ll have enough leftover for lunch tomorrow. That’s a win win in my book, since life is busy and time is short. I’m predominantly eating less and less meat. I’m certainly trying to avoid red meat at all costs since, I have to say, it’s not something that I particularly enjoy to eat on a day to day basis. I try and aim to eat…