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    Pinelimeade. The Ultimate Thirst Quenching Mocktail.

    Imagine my surprise when I checked the weather forecast for the May Bank Holiday weekend to find that we were in for some rather divine weather. You see, traditionally, UK Bank Holidays and sunshine don’t go hand in hand. Think miserable, think gloomy, think washed out weekend that’s normally just the way it goes. Glorious weather calls for even more sublime thirst quenching cocktails. As you probably know from my previous post,  life has been a hectic whirlwind just lately and I’m even struggling to find the time to do a grocery shop. I’ve been grabbing bits from here, there and everywhere, which actually has worked out well this week.…

  • My Style

    All The Feels Of Summer

    Life has been pretty hectic so far this year and there’s still so much coming up in the next few months, I’m finding it hard to take stock and keep pace. Working for the family business, keeping up with my blog, finding the time to workout and stay relatively fit, raising two boys, renovating the house…the list goes on! I head to Palma in a couple of weeks so I’ve got heaps to tick off the to do list before then, sometimes I feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day. This May bank holiday weekend was just what was needed, I’ve had time to relax with my…

  • #OOTD Diaries

    OOTD Diaries – Pixel Petals

    Floral dresses for Summer may not be groundbreaking news by definition but there’s definitely something to be said for flower inspired prints that scream I’m “Pixel Perfect” and by that I mean they’re so unbelievably vivid and bright that this ASOS Bandeau Dress fits the bill entirely. Today’s outfit, which was actually Tuesday’s (just got around to posting it now) was really a mistake. The sun can be very deceiving you know. Sunshine and eating outdoors in the UK, even more so! When will I learn? The first thing I’ll divulge is, I very nearly died of hypothermia, haaaaa. Seriously, it turns out that 18 degrees in the shade can…

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    The 5 Minute Makeup Routine That Will Save Your Life.

    We’ve all has those mornings right? The alarm didn’t go off, kids are running you ragged, time is of the essence and somehow you’ve still got to get ready and be out of the door in the next 10 minutes! This 5 minute makeup routine is about to save your life… Some mornings I’m ready and rearing to go, others I’m lazy…like really lazy and as much as I love makeup, on these particular lazy mornings, I’d rather be sipping my espresso in the sun than primping and priming myself for the day. That being said, I still don’t want to frighten the life out of people when I walk…

  • chickpea corn salad

    Chickpea Corn Salad.

    My recipe for Chickpea Corn Salad is fully loaded with fresh ingredients and flavours that pack a punch. It’s brimming with seasonal produce and packed with texture, this is what summertime alfresco dreams are made of. This kind of chickpea corn salad makes for a delectable side dish to fish such as poached salmon as shown here. Or, if you are actively vegan or vegetarian then you can enjoy this salad entirely by itself, nothing else is required, apart from perhaps some crusty bread to mop up the delectable infused spiced oil from the bottom of the dish. Summertime dining for me should be about minimal effort with maximum delivery,…

  • climbing mount snowdon

    Climbing Mount Snowdon

    I look back at this picture above and honestly can’t quite believe I’m actually writing a blog post about climbing Mount Snowdon. It brings a great sense of achievement and fascination at what us humans are capable of. What an amazing weekend this was, something I’ll treasure forever. When I was asked 4 months ago if I would like to join a group of girls to climb Mount Snowdon I jumped at the prospect. I’ve made a promise to myself that opportunities are not to be turned down and incredible things can happen when you just resist the urge to say no. I can tell you right off when I…

  • crushin' on yellow
    My Style

    Crushin’ on Yellow. This season’s IT colour.

    Every season has to have an emerging colour trend. This season is yellow, and I have to tell you, I’m crushin’ on yellow. Considering that for years I’d convinced myself that yellow “ain’t my colour”, “doesn’t suit my skin tone” or “I look washed out”, imagine my sheer panic when yellow hit the Spring/Summer headlines. I thought my summer might just be sabotaged. To be fair, I’d firmly argue that the yellow trend all started with Bey swinging that baseball bat in a fierce Roberto Cavalli marigold number – but perhaps it is only now we are starting to see the full effects of Queen B’s epic wardrobe choice. As…

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    #OOTD Diaries

    OOTD Diaries – Peplums. I’m Cutting New Shapes.

    Todays OOTD. In case you didn’t know, I’m an inverted triangle. Yep, you heard me right, I’m top heavy and skinny legged. What’s your body shape? Being an inverted triangle can be a little tricky to dress to say the least. Dresses are a freakin’ nightmare, bikinis and anything that fasten at the front (from blazers to shirts) are generally off-limits, because you know as a general rule of thumb if they fit around the bust, you’re gonna look like a sack of spuds everywhere else! Knowing your body shape is vital. If you want to make the best of what your mama gave you, then you need to know…

  • © Hey Lolly 2018. Peaches n Denim
    #OOTD Diaries

    OOTD Diaries – Pastel Peaches & Denim

    Todays OOTD. I’m totally embracing this season’s pastel vibes, and I’ve been waiting patiently for the English Summer to get here. I swear, despite my Czech heritage, I was made for warmer climates… and so, even though the weather finally got the memo, 23 degrees can still require some layering! Particularly for early morning outings and sunset strolls. It just so happens that today I’m feeling a soft pastel hue that’s sugary peach. Pastels are a timeless trend and relatively easy to style. I’m not one for a denim jacket paired with a dress per say, but this peachy number seemed destined somehow for something with a more casual vibe.…

  • #OOTD Diaries

    OOTD Diaries – Back to the Fuschia

    Todays OOTD. The sun is back and I couldn’t be happier. So it only seems appropriate that I applaud mother nature on her efforts to bring some real sunshine to the UK and wear something with a POP! of colour. Namely, Fuschia. How long it will last for, nobody knows, but for now I’m going to make hay whilst the sun shines. There’s something about fuschia on white that I adore, it has such a whimsical summer feeling about it and instantly I feel a brighter, happier person. I purchased this knot drape top earlier this year for my trip to Crete and the good news is it’s still available on…